Modern Hairstyles : Latest Trends in Celebrity Hairstyles

Fashion trends have their root in Hollywood and Bollywood. Whether it is the trend in hairstyles, apparel, shoes, accessories or any other aspect of beauty and fashion it is all from the movies and T.V shows. Celebrities have developed a niche on the platform of beauty and fashion. Celebrity hairstyles can be sourced from any of the fashion magazines, social gatherings, internet, or even the award shows of the stars.

Most of the current trends in the hairstyles are reflection of the modern hairstyles that celebrities and models wear. The first role model or the fashion trend setter that ever comes to the mind is Jennifer Aniston who has pioneer sedu hairstyles. With the introduction of sedu flat iron it became easier to get the natural, long, soft tresses. Sedu celebrity hairstyles that use a patented ionic technology are the newest fashion trend. These hairstyles might be long or short. Among all the popular celebrity hairstyles Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle has reached the peak of popularity. What makes the celebrity sedu hairstyles so popular is a big question. The simple answer to that is the sedu iron or the Jennifer Aniston hair straighter that is a combination of innovation and science.

Keira Kingthley, Mandy Moore, Nicole Richie, and Charlize Theron are some of the popular models for short celebrity modern hairstyles that are light, sassy and comfortable. These hairstyles are great and can be worn on any occasion from late night dinners to informal gatherings and formal parties. There are various celebrity short modern hairstyles that stand out to be unique in all aspect. Halle Berry is considered to be the queen of short hairstyles.

Mid-length hairdos are a copy of the looks of Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Winslet. Long hairs are any time glamorous and beautiful. Marcia Cross, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan, Charlize Theron and Jessica Simpson wear the most beautiful long hairstyles that can be copied by anyone for a eloquent and frumpy look.

The well known Indian celebrities who have made a remarkable addition to the fashion trends are Rani Mukherjee, Preeti Zinta and Priyanka Kapoor. People's infatuation towards these celebrities has incorporated their modern hairstyles in the fashion trends.
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Modern Hairstyles: How to decide - Prom, Weddings Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles presents How to decide - Prom, Weddings Hairstyles

First thing that needs to be made when deciding for formal hairstyles is to choose between up or down hair. Updo hairs are appropriate for the majority of formal occasions. They create an heir of drama and sophistication. If a softer hair is what you're looking for then you'll have to decide for a down hair.

The prom dance is probably one of the first formal occasions that boy/girl will go to. To find the appropriate prom hair you'll have to consider few very important factors. The first question that needs to be answered is what shape is your face like? If you have narrow face then you'll need to add some volume on both sides of your head. On contrary, if your face is round or heart-shaped, then you'll want to avoid adding addition fullness to the face center.

Next thing that you'll need to consider when choosing a formal modern hairstyles for the prom is what kind of formal hairstyles you'll select: you can decide for the elegant formal hairstyles, dramatic formal hairstyles, vintage formal hairstyles or simply youthful formal hairstyles. The final thing that you'll need to consider when selecting a formal prom hairstyles is what accessories you'll add to your formal hair. You can use flowers, barrettes, ribbons etc.

Formal dances for homecoming also require some kind of formal hairstyles. To select the right formal hairstyles for such ocassions, you'll want to take the same things into consideration that you did when deciding for a formal hair for a prom. However, you'll also need to consider current fashion trends and homecoming themes when choosing homecoming hair.

Weddings are also very important formal event that most people will attend at least once in a lifetime. Bridal hairstyles may vary from every bride and the season time is also very important. For instance spring and summer brides will probably decide for a hairstyles that is down, while fall and winter brides in most cases decide updo hairs.
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